Introducing a New Universal Video Format

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The DVA - Digital Video Archive™

The DVA (Digital Video Archive) is a specially designed and engineered MP4 file format containing unique customizable metadata - title information, chapter markers, thumbnail images and more - that enables playback on a DVA player (computer, smartphone, tablet and smart TV). DVAs are easily viewed, modified, edited, shared and archivally stored in the cloud at A DVA can be shared with one person, several family members or your entire circle of friends and family.

If you're a content producer or anyone who has been creating or transferring video, it no longer makes sense to deliver video content on DVDs, flash drives and clumsy downloads/links. That is the past.

DVA, Digital Video Archive and DVA Authoring & Encoding is the future. And the future is now!

DVA Deluxe™ is a hardware solution and a software application designed to create fully authored DVAs using an automated workflow. DVAs can be created from live captured video or from files that have been previously captured and edited and even from DVDs. DVA Deluxe™ can capture and create up to two DVA Files simultaneously. In addition, the software adds metadata to the DVA files that contains specific details regarding the project information, customer information, video chapters with thumbnails and content provider information. DVDs can also be created simultaneously including labeling and packaging.

DVA Deluxe Features

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  • Analog video to DVA.
  • DVDs to DVA.
  • Mpg, m2v/Ac3, vob, mp4, mov and wmv to DVA.
  • "Live" video to DVA.
  • Up to two hours on one DVA - 800 mgs.
  • DVAs contain chapters, thumbnails, titles.
  • Transfer to MP4 simultaneously.
  • Encode and burns DVDs simultaneously.
  • Supports auto-account-creation.
  • 10% Residual for primary DVA memberships auto-created.
  • Your company Logo/tag visible on your customer's DVA account.
  • Complete customer support for your customers.
  • Superior viewing experience for your customers.

"My customers love DVA! If you make DVDs, transfer video to DVDs or create any type of video, you should be using DVA Deluxe! - Digital Video Archive! "

- John Montgomery, DVA Authorized Rep, Newark, Ohio.

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"Many of our customers are asking for cloud-based solutions. DVA allowed us to give customers a great product and service. We can now offer our customers a viable alternative to DVD for transfer of their videotapes, film, files, smartphone content and DVDs. Digital Video Archive makes it very easy."

- Peter & Sharon Galluzzo, DVA Authorized Rep, Apex, NC.

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"Thanks for all you do & Thank you for the DVA - I do think it's a great product!"

- Jerry Alldredge, DVA Authorized Rep, Ellensburg, WA.

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"Being a DVA Reseller has opened up possibilities for my customers in ways other products could not. Having the ability to have access to Home Movies anywhere, anytime, on any device is priceless as well as giving them the comfort of knowing those memories are safely archived. Never again fear losing or breaking a DVD"

- Deborah Williams, DVA Authorized Rep, Florence, KY.

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